Sheffield Institute for Nucleic Acids

Professor Jim A. Thomas

Research Interests

Work in my lab is centred on the synthesis of new molecular systems designed to interact with specific nucleic acid sequences and structures. These systems have photoexcited states that facilitate their use as novel imaging probes, therapeutics, and theranostics. In recent years in terms of imaging technologies, this approach has led to non-photobleaching, live cell optical probes for nuclear DNA, specific probes for quadruplex DNA structures, and easy to handle dual function optical/electron microscopy cell probes. Novel metal complex-based therapeutic have also been developed. These luminescent, genotoxic systems display activity against cancer lines that are resistant to conventional therapeutics. We are also developing self-assembled systems that bind to DNA through modes that are analogous to specific transcription factors. These systems function as photodynamic therapy sensitizers that specifically target DNA.


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Professor Jim A Thomas
Professor of Bio-inorganic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
+44 (0)114 222 9325