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Professor James Catto

Research Interests

Professor Catto is interested in the biology of prostate and bladder cancer, and how knowledge of this biology can improve patient care. These two cancers represent some of the commonest human malignancies and in many patients their care could be improved by better stratification of treatment options, by making an earlier diagnosis and with novel therapies. His lab has worked on the epigenetic aspects of these cancers. His research group have profiled many aspects of epigenetics (including DNA methylation, non-coding RNA expression and mRNA regulation, and histone modifications). They have found that these may drive carcinogenic processes to contribute to treatment resistance and can be used to identify the prognosis in individual cancers. He is also interested in the environmental factors that contribute to the biology of these cancers, and how cells may protect against these stresses.


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Professor James Catto
Professor of Urological Surgery, Centre Clinical Co-director
Departments: Academic Units of Urology and Molecular Oncology
+44 (0)114 271 2295