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Dr Karim Sorefan

Research Interests

Dr Sorefan is interested in the gene regulatory mechanisms controlling plant development. This work is important to improve crop and maintain food security.  His lab is investigating how plant hormones coordinate gene expression, the gene regulatory mechanisms controlling seed size, and how leaf development is regulated.  His group uses next generation sequencing approaches to investigate the expression of genes and microRNAs.

Recently, interests have developed in how G-quadruplex secondary structures could regulate gene expression. G-quadruplexes (G4) are DNA and RNA secondary structures that are of great interest because they regulate fundamental biological processes and are associated with human diseases and cancer. As yet very little is known about their function in any multicellular context or in plant biology.


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Dr Karim Sorefan
Lecturer in Developmental Molecular Genetics
Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
+44 (0)114 222 2720