Sheffield Institute for Nucleic Acids

Dr Dan Lambert

Research Interests

Dr Lambert’s research focuses on examining the influence of non-coding RNA on cell:cell communication, with particular emphasis on fibroblast biology. He is interested in how non-coding RNA (both intracellular and those released in extracellular vesicles) may regulate the phenotype of cells in response to insults such as tumourigenesis, cancer treatments and aging. His expertise lies particularly in carrying out functional assays in primary human cells. Current projects include:

  • Functional interrogation of the role of miRNA in cancer-associated fibroblast responses to therapy
  • Identification of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) regulating myofibroblast differentiation (with James Bradford and Stephen Brown)
  • Characterisation of the role of ncRNA in extracellular vesicles in the tumour microenvironment

Recent publications

  • Kabir TD, Leigh RJ, Tasena H, Mellone M, Coletta RD, Parkinson EK, Prime SS, Thomas GJ, Paterson IC, Zhou D, McCall J, Speight PM & Lambert DW (2016) A miR-335/COX-2/PTEN axis regulates the secretory phenotype of senescent cancer-associated fibroblasts.. Aging 8(8), 1608-1635
  • Bufalino A, Cervigne NK, de Oliveira CE, Fonseca FP, Rodrigues PC, Macedo CCS, Sobral LM, Miguel MC, Lopes MA, Leme AFP, Lambert DW, Salo TA, Kowalski LP, Graner E & Coletta RD (2015) Low miR-143/miR-145 Cluster Levels Induce Activin A Overexpression in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinomas, Which Contributes to Poor Prognosis. PLOS One, 10(8), e0136599-e0136599
  • Lambert DW, Lambert LA, Clarke NE, Hooper NM, Porter KE & Turner AJ (2014) Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 is subject to post-transcriptional regulation by miR-421.Clin Sci 127(4), 243-249
  • Hakami F, Darda L, Stafford P, Woll P, Lambert DW & Hunter KD (2014) The roles of HOXD10 in the development and progression of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). Br J Cancer, 111(4), 807-816

Dr Dan Lambert
Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
School of Clinical Dentistry
+44 (0) 114 271 7959