Sheffield Institute for Nucleic Acids


Bioinformatics – We have a bioinformatics hub housing multiple academics working in computational biology. The hub also houses a service which provides bioinformatics support to Sheffield academics, in particular within the Institute it supports our burgeoning datasets produced through Next Generation DNA sequencing.

Nucleic Acid Sequencing – we have established a Next Generation DNA sequencing Facility which includes a Hiseq2500, HiScan Seq, MiSeq and Ion Torrent Systems. The facility provides a complete service including library preparation.

Biomolecular Interaction Suite – We have microscale thermophoresis and isothermal titiration calorimetry equipment available in the Biomolecualar Interaction Suite.

Microscopy – We have state of the art confocal, wide field, light sheet and super-resolution microscopy available in the Wolfson Light Microscopy Facility.

Mass Spectrometry – We have a well-equipped analytical facility for high throughput ‘omic studies, including proteomics, metabolomics and nucleic acid analysis. A range of tandem mass spectrometers are available, including a QExactive HF Orbitrap instrument. The instruments unique features, allow for targeted quantification of peptides, small molecules and nucleic acids and delivers high throughput, targeted quantitation combined with high-resolution accurate-mass data. This instrument was funded by the BBSRC Advanced Life Sciences Research Technology initiative to members of the Sheffield Institute for Nucleic Acids.

In we have a maXis ultra high resolution ToF instrument and an Amazon Ion Trap with ETD. All instruments are interfaced with online nano/capillary high-performance liquid chromatography. In addition a number of HPLC and UPLC instruments support a wide range of bioseparations including nucleic acids, peptides and proteins. The analytics support a wide range of research including the analysis of nucleic acids, RNA post transcriptional modifications and high throughput ‘omic studies in a range of different biological systems. There are further mass spectrometry facilities available within the University at biOMICS.

RNAi Screening Facility – Provides genome wide RNAi screening in both human and Drosophila cells linked with high content microscopy and other high throughput screening technologies.

Medical School tissue Repository – provides a fully HTA compliant, safe and secure storage facility for human tissues and blood samples, including the Sheffield brain tissue bank, see:

Collections of blood samples, tumour and normal tissues are available collaboratively for a number of cancers including breast, lung, urological and haematological malignancies and melanoma.